Added Supporter Role If You Would Like To Learn More Please Read Full Announcement In Announcements Channel

Supporter Role

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We now have a 'Supporter Role' for anyone that wants to help the community grow!

This gives you no difference to any other member except for the role

The price is 
$2 a month
$10 a year
$15 for life

To purchase join the discord and dm Xan

Hello World!:

- Strike when the iron’s hot!
- Type up a quick note to for the full details
- People ask, “why does TalkWithCustomer work so well?”
- Best Regards,
- Косц 1
- George
- They take that first step.
- Sincerely,
- And you can’t find an easier way to seize that chance than TalkWithCustomer.
- ??
- hi my name is Tritan Massive
- Added 'Supporter' role if you would like to purchase it join the discord and dm Xan

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